On-Site Dental Lab

On-Site Dental Lab

All procedures provided by Island Implant Associates are done on-site in our newly renovated modern lab. Our full lab is equipped with the highest technology and top technicians who work with the latest dental materials like zirconia and precious metals.

At Island Implant dental lab, the implant team and staff are together in the same center. This offers tremendous benefits to our patients bringing all of our dental lab services under one roof working directly with our experienced dentists and lab technicians to achieve perfect restoration all the time.

on site dental lab
same day dentures

Same Day Services

Here at Island Implant Associates, we have the ability to accommodate our patients by providing them dentures in one day. Same day dentures are possible thanks to our lab being located directly in our office. This eliminates the need to send data off to a lab, only to have to wait for your dentures to be made and shipped. Our lab will collaborate with your doctor for perfect sizing, shade, and length to assure patient satisfaction before they leave the office.